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Wax Removal

Incredible Solution

Our wood floor wax removal service is perfect for homeowners who want to remove buildups of wax residue and restore their hardwood floors. Using store bought wax/oil/acrylic based cleaners and rejuvenator products will make your floors appear darker and unattractive over time. Unfortunately, most of the store-bought hardwood surface treatment products leave a heavy residue accumulation behind.

Such products tend to attract dirt, grime, and bacteria. Eventually, the buildup darkens the floors, also making them more susceptible to scratches and staining. Thankfully, Elite Floor Care offers an incredible solution to this problem! In addition to removing the wax from the floors, we clean them thoroughly. For floors with years of wax and residue layer build up, we highly recommend that your floors be screened and recoated once the wax has been removed. This is because we must be more aggressive in removing the years-worth of residue and, as a result, your floors may look cloudy and lack sheen. We understand how important your floors are to the value of your home.

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Why Waxing Is Not A Good Idea

Waxing hardwood floors is never a good idea. However, if you have put hardwood floor wax on your hardwood floors.


Hardwood floor protection is a great way to keep your hardwood floors protected from moisture and damage. Protectors should be applied regularly; unfortunately, store-bought wax products can cause build-up and leave your floors looking dull and murky. Wax removal can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Save yourself the trouble and allow the trained professionals at Elite Floor Care to handle all of your hardwood wax removal needs!

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Here’s how we remove wax from hardwood floors

First, we identify the level of wax build-up by demonstrating a test area of the hardwood floors

Second, we prep the hardwood floors by applying an emulsifier to soften the wax from the hardwood floors.

Third, Third we use a agitation tool to force the wax build-up from the surface of the hardwood floors.

Fourth, we extract the wax build-up from the hardwood floors using a neutral cleaner.

​✔ Fifth, if the hardwood floors are engineered we will buff the hardwood floors to restore the original texture but if the hardwood floors are solid we will follow with a screen & recoat to restore the original conditions.

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