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Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Service Details

Reduce your tasks invariably by choosing Elite Carpet Cleaning to clean your home’s tiles and grout surfaces. In order to achieve this, we incorporate a blend of several crucial steps, which all provide a desirable service. Our team uses a brand new solution formula to clean your tiles and grout. This is carried out at high pressure and applies a hot water rinse within a perfect vacuum system.

We have the answer to all your tiles and grout as it works well on all kinds of different surfaces such as slate, sandstone, ceramic, porcelain. The list on which Elite acts flawlessly also includes kitchen floors, showers and tubs, tiled foyers and entryways, sun-rooms, tiled halls, counter tops and bathroom floors. Natural tile and grout surfaces too are compatible with the applications.

OUR CLEANING PROCESSOur cleaning process involves different chemicals. The chemicals that are being used are base, acid and a neutralizer. Essentially the base will remove all the soap scum, and takes off all the dirt, grime, and anything else soiling the tiles. The neutralizer removes any of the cleaning solution that did not come off from pressure washing, and the acid removes salt, mineral build-up, hard water build-up, and soil embedded in porous grout. Lastly we neutralize the surface. This is our for step process that ensures that all tiles and grout look their best.

If you want to take a step further, we can also restore all the grout lines. The colour sealer will stain the grout line with any colour you prefer to match the tile, and give it the finish to make it look brand new.

CLEANING GROUT THE RIGHT WAYHaving your grout lines cleaned and restored is very affordable and efficient. It may also increase the house value because no one wants to buy a house with dirty tiles that makes the house look older than it actually is. This is really good for an end of lease house or a rental, because instead of renovation you can just restore it to make it look the same as a renovation.
Do not hesitate in calling us in meet your tile and grout cleaning needs. You will find out that we are equipped with sufficient skill and ability to offset your cleaning dissatisfaction. Right from the outset of our cleaning mandate, we apply tact and technique to bring out a final product that you will admire.

We currently offer our Tile and Grout Cleaning and restoration services in Brantford and surrounding areas give us a call to see how we can help you.

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